Twitter is vital for content creators of all type. You will gain access to networks beyond belief. If your any kind of content creator then you need know how effective Twitter can be. Today you will learn the basics of using Twitter with your platform. Don’t let the man bring you down and never forget that Twitter Can Impact Your Content

There is a wrong way to use Twitter believe it or not. We see a lot of people whose Twitter is flooded with “I’m live come check it out (link here).” That is one of the worst ways to grow on Twitter. Think of it like this, would you be doing that on Facebook? You use Facebook almost on a daily basis to keep up with friends and family. Posting hey guys I just walked down the street on Facebook is crap. It’s the Same method with Twitter. No one wants to see nothing but LIVE posts about your content… Today you will learn the proper way to use Twitter.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social media platform. Much like Myspace, Facebook, Instagram or even Soundcloud. It is a platform that allows you post short messages to get a quick message out to friends and fans. All the A-List celebrities use the platform as a way to show off their daily lives. All content creators MUST have a Twitter sooner or later. We understand if you don’t do social media. Yet how do you expect to grow your platform if you don’t at the very least have a Twitter? There are a ton of tricks to getting traffic to your stream using twitter alone.

If you don’t have a Twitter go right now and create one. Stop losing out on all the exposure you SHOULD be receiving and hop on that Twitter wagon RIGHT NOW!

How is Twitter Effective?

Twitter allows you to directly connect with your fans beyond your stream. There are over 335 Million active Twitter users to date. What if we told you by following our tactics you could connect to a few thousand or heck even a few million of those active users? Now don’t get antsy here because Rome was not built over night. With time and following our ways to the “T” you can maximize your exposure on twitter. With a few simple tweets you could be connecting to possible viewers, followers, subscribers, etc. We’ve said many times, Twitter Can Impact Your Content and it has been proven more times then one.

Let’s Make Twitter Our Friend

It’s quiet a simple method to befriending Twitter for your content. First and foremost create your Twitter… If that’s not done stop what your doing now and create one. Secondly fill out your profile, as with any website having a profile is key to bringing in lurking eyes.

Make sure you have an avatar and banner. Some of the best Twitter avatars consist of a selfie. People want to know who you are. The banner can be anything of your choosing. I highly recommend you try to tie in links to your other platforms in your banner. Make sure it is something that will catch a persons eyes on first glance. This is design and networking 101 here… Colors are one way to push everyone to view more of your profile.

Once you have an avatar and banner start following your favorite gamers, celebrities, and friends. It is IMPORTANT to treat Twitter as more then just a place to post when your live. Converse with others and jump into conversations you see on your Twitter feed. You may see at as too much work but this step is important.

Use the @ and # function within your tweets to gain full exposure. After you follow people Twitter will fill your feed with random posts based on not just your following but also with what they think you may like. When someone you have never seen or met asks a question such as “What is your favorite game from the 90’s” it is smart to like and post a comment on that persons tweet.

Twitter is your friend and you need to treat it like that. Pretend as if you know everybody on Twitter and they know you! Creating a conversation with people is KEY to gaining new fans.

The Secret Of Twitter

Let’s keep this secret between us. Twitter will allow you to @ ANYONE. By using the @ function you are directly tweeting towards a person. Your tweet will show up not just on your profile but on the other persons profile as well. Below is a list of people who will automatically retweet your tweet if you @ them. Remember to follow them before @’ing or else it won’t count.

(Bookmark this page as this will be updated weekly!)

@FlyRts @ThxRTs @IconRTs @DNRCrewx @DNRBOT @DNRRTz @DNRRTs @Demented_RTs @FameRTR @twitchraid @DNRCREWx @Quickest_Rts @ShoutGamers @RelayRetweets @livenowretweet @TwitchRetweets @TwitchRetweetsU @StreamnShare @RSG_Retweet @smallerstreams @Mighty_RTs @Retweet_Twitch @TexMexFam @TwitchSharing @ShoutGamers @TwitchUnified @SupStreamers @Quickest_Rts @StreamerNetwork @TwitchTVOnline @GamerRetweetNow @TheBNN_Official @TwitchKittens @ChickenPickens @twitchsquad574 @SGH_RTs @TTurtles_RTs @ShoutGamers @FameRTR @BlazedRTs @TwitchRTStream @TwitchRTsBot @TwitchNetworks @FearRTs @ShoutRTs @twitchsquad574 

This list is not effective unless you treat twitter as a social media source and talk to other people.

Media Loves Drama

Now this is something that can either go in your favor or be your demise. Everyone loves reading about a heated subject. Just be very careful as this will bring some kind of hate and we don’t recommend doing this unless your ready for a back lash.

Couple months back we seen a small community post a tweet about Twitch Designers charging too much for bad Graphics. Without any kind of advertising or using the list above the tweet spread like fire! There was a lot of hate in the tweet but because they acted professional on the subject they overcame the hate and was able to promote their community twitter for more follows. It was a win none the less.

Creating drama or simply talking about a subject some may have a passion for can work in your favor if you play things right. By no means are we saying start drama. Because drama brings hate, hate is bad. Sometimes you have to make a statement that not all will like in order to get more known. Don’t believe this should be a method? Look at all the A-list celebrities who start beef on twitter for fun. They sit back and watch their numbers rise like crazy!

Here are some quick tips on what do with Twitter:

  • Talk with people you have never met on Twitter. It’s easier if they are into the same thing as you.
  • Follow ALMOST everyone back as they are doing the same as you
  • Use the @ list only when your content is going live or have something important going on that involves your platform
  • Retweet other tweets that you take interest in. They may retweet you back.
  • Twitter is one place to make connections with other creators who already have a solid foundation. Act professional
  • Link your twitter everywhere.
  • Stay ACTIVE. Download the twitter mobile app so you never miss a beat
  • Follow us on twitter for daily inspiration and tips!

Now that you know the basics of using Twitter along with your content Let’s get at it!

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