Becoming a streamer all starts with choosing your platform. The website you choose to use will set the tone for the rest of your career. Every platform has their own perks and cons. At the end we will also give you the jump start to stream on multiple platforms at the same time! These are the top 5 streaming platforms that everyone should consider when becoming a streamer.


If your even a little bit into gaming you have herd of This website is king of all streaming platforms. They are owned by Amazon and have tons of thousands of content creators trying to pave their own way in life as a content creator. Choosing Twitch as your platform, you need to be ready for what’s to come. Gaining new viewers on Twitch can be very hard. Your job to grow and succeed is to bring viewers from the outside in since there is so many streamers already established on this platform.

Affiliate Requirements:

  1. 50 followers
  2. 3 average viewers
  3. 7 unique streams in 30 days
  4. 500 total minutes live in 30 days

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This fresh up and coming platform has served its creators greatly. It is easy to get some initial viewers into your stream on Dlive as the community is very caring and loving. The one thing that many may not like about Dlive is the fact that the payout system is based on crypto currency. Dlive is powered by the Lino Blockchain service. This means any money you earn through what they Lino points will be paid out in the Lino crypto currency.

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Mixer has been around for a few years now primarily pointed towards Xbox users. It is becoming more common to find IRL and PC streamers on Mixer. A platform owned by Microsoft has found new ways to allow the viewers to interact with the streamer. The one thing Mixer has over all other platforms is the latency. There is little to no lag between the streamers and viewers.

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Youtube Gaming

Everyone knows about Youtube and all the creators whom have succeeded through posting videos on the platform. Youtube allows people to live stream and has shown a lot of improvement over the years. Their live streaming service not only automatically saves your streams as a video but also allows you to stream in 4k quality. One big downfall of Youtube Gaming is the ability to control chat and allow chatbots (these are widely used on almost all streaming platforms).

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Facebook Gaming

Believe it or not one of the top social media websites is dabbling into live streaming. Facebook has revamped their live streaming service to keep a foot in the door against Twitch and other popular services. The only downfalls we found with Facebook Gaming is the chat for the viewers need a lot of work as well as it’s hard to find new viewers solely through the platform.

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Honorable Mentions:


Twitter acquired Periscope in 2015 and ever since it has been a huge platform for vloggers and make-up artists around the globe. Periscope is pointed towards mobile users as you can only stream using the android and/or ios application. Since it is owned by Twitter of course sharing your live stream through Twitter couldn’t be more easier! Along with periscope being Twitter friendly it also allows you to download each stream once ended through the app.


Although this platform is very small compared to any other mentioned today it deserves a spot in honorable mentions. Smashcast was created in 2017 and has been a great starting point for people who just want to test the waters of streaming. We don’t recommend making Smashcast your go to platform for streaming. When your unsure of what your getting into this platform is something to look at.

In the end of everything you need to keep in mind choosing a platform that fits your content is a small percentage of the battle you will face. It takes more then just streaming daily to get known. Much like being a salesman of sorts you have to find new viewers/fans by thinking outside the box (or platform). Knowing these Top 5 Streaming platforms is a great start. Remember sky is the limit!

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