Once you hit your first 50 follows or views trying to grow from there can be hard. You sit and smack yourself with your keyboard wondering what you are doing wrong. You don’t know where to go now for a small boost in traffic to your stream. Although it’s entertaining we must ask that you STOP HITTING YOURSELF! Now that your all bruised up we have compiled a short and sweet list of links that will help you in Growing Your Content.

What you will be spending most of your time off stream doing is networking with other people. The best place to network is within communities (Zexie allows networking with others in discord). We give you the tools you need and the boost you deserve for your content! There is some things to keep in mind when you are networking with other creators both on/off discords.

Follow these simple steps to get the most out of your time in others communities
  • Stay respectful & follow the sites/communities rules.

As leaders in multiple communities we see a ton of people full of toxicity who think they are going places. Respect goes a long way no matter where you are in life. Plus nobody wants to hear your furry jokes.

  • Don’t Spam

Post the link to your stream/content once per stream. MAYBE twice if you are doing something rather big and want to remind everyone. Spamming anywhere will get you hated by everyone.


Stay active on the websites and discords you use. Talk with everyone and help people out if you can. It is a proven fact that by helping others and being friendly you get quicker support or traffic to your platform.

  • Act like you matter/Show Positivity

You will always get that one person every now and then with a life goal of getting you down. This is OKAY, as everyone gets downed sooner or later. Generally speaking whether it is in real life or the creator world you want to stay positive. Even if you feel like you don’t matter and no one cares (which you DO matter and WE care). It is vital to your image and your stream that you spread positive vibes. Networking is key to growing, never forget this!

What Is Networking?

Networking is about building relationships. You can’t just post your link somewhere and expect results. You have to keep at it with the same group of people and become what some would say a known face in their community. The 3 biggest end games you want when building relationships are hosts, raids, and most importantly friendship! Be sure to keep an open mind about other peoples view on subjects. Being rude, selfish and/or bashing others won’t get you no where.

When you are networking you need to get into the professional state of mind. Remember your running your own business! That is what being a content creator is, working for yourself. You can only get results if you put the hard work in. Don’t sell yourself short with your business. Dedication here is key to properly networking within different communities. Now it’s time to get those amazing links to help in Growing Your Stream.

The Juicy Links (Tools Of The Trade)

Now that is out of the way. Let’s get down to the juicy links that are just begging to be used. It isn’t easy keeping up with all of these ways to gain followers/viewers. Most of these tools are directed at the general content creators social platforms while some aim towards the streaming platform Twitch. You have to be dedicated and do most once per day at the very least.


HootSuite has many tools to help you grow. The application allows you to track and stay up to date with the latest trends on all social media platforms. You can monitor specific content happening all over the internet. This is a useful tool for monitoring mentions of your brand, so you can properly see who is sharing your content.

Twitch Follows

A site that allows you to use/earn money for follows and views. All Follows and views are REAL. You can either earn coins by following and viewing others or you can spend real cash on coins. These coins are used to purchase both follows and views. Mind you the views are not necessarily when you are live. One amazing thing about this website is that you can earn real cash just for following others. You DO NOT have to be a streamer to gain from this website


Streamers are given the chance to bring their channels into the spotlight by opting in to being featured on Pwning. To encourage fair use and a supportive community, streamers are rewarded for watching and interacting with other streams featured on Pwning.


For people who find it hard to gain traffic using twitter, Kapsuli makes that easy for you. Connect both your Twitch account & Twitter then watch the magic happen! Use this tool before every stream. This tool will literally embed your LIVE stream onto your twitter posts as well as retweet it for you! This site is a diamond in the rough. Not many people know about Good ole’ Kapsuli.

Click To Tweet

Another amazing twitter tool. As stated on this site, Twitter Is Godlike. Write a message about you going live or doing a giveaway and share the link with others. Yes a retweet from a person could do almost the same thing. ClickToTweet is just easier for some people. It creates your very own call to action for your content.


Using BuzzSumo allows you to find some of the biggest and baddest influencers on the internet who are sharing content that relates to yours. This lets you exactly see what content these creators share.

EMV Headline Analyzer

EMV is a free tool that all creators should have bookmarked. As the name of this tool states they analyze your titles/headlines to help you write better headlines for social media posts, blog posts, ads, and even youtube titles.

Just type in your headline, and the site will rate it based on the emotions your headline most impacts.

Use the links above to help gain more exposure to your content. These are but a few very handy tools to grow. We could go on and on with tools as the internet is full of them. For today we will leave it at this and share our top 50 tools next week!

Be sure to bookmark the site or join our discord to stay updated. Next set of tools for your networking arsenal will be ready shortly!