Why Join The Team?

Being in the Zexie Stream Team is a lot more then just joining a random team of people. Each and every applicant is carefully chosen in order to ensure you are being a part of something bigger then life. Being a part of the Zexie Team means your joining a life long family. Whether you stay with the team or move on down the road we want to make an impact on the world, your life, your viewers. 

Having join the team you are opening doors for sponsorships and success. We work with each team member to ensure they are producing the best content possible in the members niche. From paid editors to free designs*, we got your back! Not a big streamer yet? That’s fine, meet the requirements below and we will work with you on your content to help you reach your goals.

*This statement is not GUARANTEED for new members. Each and every member has a chance to get these perks if they show they are dedicated and have the will to go beyond the limits!


  • Must be 18+
  • 100+ Followers
  • 10+ Concurrent Viewers
  • Active Social Media Presence
  • Must Be Able To Represent Zexie On Channel And Social Media 
  • All Members are required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement upon signing with the team.


  • Advertised Stream In/Out Of Community
  • Zexie Swag
  • Possible Sponsorships (Case By Case Decision)*
  • Resources And Tools To Help Your Stream Reach New Heights
  • Be A Part Of A Family! 


Please leave your follower count, average viewers, social media used + links, and a small message on why you would be a good fit in the team.