Everyone goes through the thoughts of changing their entire brand in hopes that success will follow. Rebranding means a fresh start in a sense and will more then likely hurt you. Before you start going down the road of “Should I Rebrand” ask yourself these 3 very important questions.

1. What’s Wrong With Your Current Brand?

Before even asking yourself should I rebrand, you need to identify what your current problem is. Look at your current name, logo, or social media kit (all your designs) and try to find what is wrong with everything. Take Walmart for example…

Should I Rebrand Walmart Logo

In 1992 they had a pretty solid logo. Still the look of their brand did give you that wholesome family feel which is what Walmart stands by. Their 2008 rebrand was much needed. As now their logo gives a more friendly feeling, it’s more inviting.

If you are having a problem finding what is wrong with your brand then right now may not be the right time to be thinking about a new brand.

2. Do You Have A Story?

Every brand has a story relating to their name, look, and mission. Whether your a small business or a content creator your story matters. Find out if your current brand clearly portrays what your story is.

Marketing Insider Group has some great examples of how brands amazingly portrayed their story. Feel free to check out the 6 Examples Of Genius Brand Storytelling for some inspiration

3. Does Your Current Brand Stick To People?

No matter what your brand is (small business, content creator, NPO) you want your brand to stick to peoples minds like glue! Your logo is everything on bringing your potential customers or viewers in. Without a proper logo people will go on to someone else that looks/sounds more professional.

Believe it or not, colors are EVERYTHING. The colors on your logo can change how a person feels when they see your brand. This is called color psychology. Refer to the graph below on what emotions relate to different colors.

Most of our audience on Zexie are content creators. This being said these 3 questions stand for you as well as an actual business. Don’t forget your Content is YOUR business. In order to succeed you need to treat it as such on the back-end. Making sure your brand (Name, logo, overlays, content in general) are representing yourself is detrimental to obtaining success.

Before asking yourself Should I Rebrand? Make sure you are rebranding for the right reasons. We see so many go through multiple name changes and wonder why they are never getting anywhere. More likely then not you don’t need to rebrand just yet!

Now that you are done debating on your rebrand it is time to get back to work. One the best ways to grow is by properly using social media. Be sure to check out our latest article on how Twitter Can Impact Your Content!