Member Of The Month

Each month the community votes for one member to receive¬†Zexie’s highest honor based on friendliness, activity, and being helpful. Here you will find the current and past MOTM’s as well as the nomination board! Voting ends on the 20th of each month. Winner is then chosen on the last day of each month.

Your Vote Matters

To nominate someone, simply type in their Discord name from Zexie Gaming to the right. Feel free to give a comment or reason for why you are voting this person.

On the 25th the top 3 members will be posted in a poll on discord for everyone to vote!


  • Your nomination can NOT be changed.
  • You are allowed 1 vote per month.

    Founders can not be voted for (TexicanOlive, Dixieman, Cfreeman21)

  • Can not vote for yourself!
The Ballads are OPEN for August! See July’s winner below!

Past Winners


Winner: Cfreeman21_
Twitter: @cfreeman21_

Thank you for everything you do! Your an amazing, humble person. 


Winner: TdxLulz
Twitter: @Tdxlulz

You are always brightening up everyones day. Zexie would not be the same without members like you.


Winner: TdxLulz
Twitter: @Tdxlulz

For a second month in a row you have held the title well and continue on showing why your such an asset to Zexie. We can’t thank you enough!


Winner: WhiteAssassinStreaming
Twitter: @WhiteAssassinS2

The community has voted, the ballads are closed and this member has wooed the rest of us! This last month you have helped others, you are humble and kind and are always in the Zexie Spirit! It has shown very clearly and we thank you for being a part of Zexie.


Winner: SixOneSev3n
Twitter: @SixOneSev3n_ZXG

Six you have been a vital part to Zexie and everyone sees this. Without you our days would be bland and boring! Keep up everything you are doing for Zexie.