There are many perks that come with a live stream on multiple platforms. One of them is growing your audience as wide as you can. Having multiple streams running at once means you reach a bigger audience all at the same time. Although you shouldn’t just jump the gun on multi-streaming yet. Today we are going to look at the pro’s and cons of multi-streaming as well as show you how you can live stream on multiple platforms!

There are 2 solid services you can use to run streams on multiple platforms. One of them is a well known service called They offer everything you need for free to get started and also have paid packages for bigger multi-stream projects. The other service is a paid service called Switchboard Live. Their base package is 35 US dollars and you are given only limited time and platforms to stream too. The tutorial below will only be for Restream as the ladder will always choose the free version over a paid version.

Cons Of Multi-streaming

The cons of live streaming on multiple platforms out weigh the pros. Therefore, we are going to go over the bad and save the good for last.

Higher Bandwidth

Multi-streaming to different platforms call for much higher bandwidth usage on your end. This may cause lag in game or on stream if you don’t have the best internet out there.

Juggling Chat

Having to stream on Facebook, Dlive, and Mixer at the same time can be a daunting task. Keeping an eye on 3 different chats and responding to them can be confusing sometimes. Your viewers on Dlive will hear you responding to Facebook viewers. In return one platform will have no idea what your talking about to the other platform

Terms Of Service

A lot of platforms such as Twitch do not allow you to stream on multiple platforms at the same time. Once you are affiliated on Twitch the terms of service state you can not stream on any other platform at the same time as you stream on Twitch. Doing so will result in your affiliate status being taken away as well as a ban. So please make sure to read the terms of service on the platforms you are choosing to stream on.

Splitting Your Fan Base

It is never good to split your followers up. This one goes hand in hand with Juggling Chat. A united community is a strong community. Having followers and viewers split between different platforms creates a wall for you and your community. One again you may find yourself finding it hard to juggle multiple communities on different platforms as well as finding ways to make then one united front in your favor.

Focusing On Features

One of the biggest and last cons of running a live stream on multiple platforms is your focus. Each platform has it’s own features. In order to bring the best out of yourself and your stream for your viewers you need to focus on bringing as many features as you can for interaction. Streaming on different platforms make this task very hard. On Twitch you may have extensions or overlays that allow your chat to interact with you but your chat on Dlive have zero access to those features.

Pros Of Multi-Streaming

So your still considering a stream on multiple platforms after all those cons, huh? Thats fine, as we will go through what good can come out of multi-streaming.

Expanding Your Audience

Streaming on multiple platforms can cause some chaos juggling around different chats and features. If you are able to do that successfully then having your stream on different platforms can help more and new people find you. This is extremely helpful for talk shows and podcasts.

Testing The Waters will help you test what platforms you can be discovered best on. Some platforms such as SmashCast and Facebook either don’t have a large viewer base or it’s hard to get discovered. Doing a multi-stream allows you to dip your toes in the pool before you jump in.

Gather Statistics

Multi-streams can be a great way to find out where and who your audience are. Knowing where your viewers are most active on which platforms can be a great thing to have for your career in streaming.

How to Multi-Stream

Setting up a multi-stream can be a fairly easy and painless process. We have made a small video to show you how you can stream on multiple platforms with ease!

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