It can be a job with in itself to keep up with the latest trends. In order to be a successful content creator you have to know what everyone else is getting into. Learning How To Find The Latest Trends is no longer a tedious task!

These tools are a great way to know what kind of content to lean towards when your out of ideas. Everyone goes through a creator block every now and then and finding the latest trends can help get out of that block. Here is our top 10 tools to help you Find The Latest Trends.

Google Trends

Google is the number 1 search provider in the world. They track every new trend out there on a minutes notice. Google Trends is a great tool to see what is currently hot in your area. You can search for the trending keywords by City, State, and Country!


One of our favorite tools has to be Buzzsumo. Whether your a writer, youtuber, or streamer they will have something for you. Buzzsumo actually allows you have your content analyzed in order to see where it stands against other content. Most importantly they keep track of the latest trends around the world. The best part, it’s all free!


If your a heavy twitter user (as a content creator you should be) then this tool is great to have. Hashtags is a free and paid service. You can see the latest trending hashtags across all platforms as well as see how your own hashtags are doing in the world. The downfall of hashtags is in order to track and compare hashtags you must pay a yearly fee. Still a great tool to see what the most popular tags are right now.

Hubspot Topic Generator

You have an idea for content but don’t know exactly what to do with it. Great, now you just need to fill in the holes. That is what Hubspots topic generator is for. Great tool to brainstorm new ideas for topics you want hit. You put in 3 different nouns on the idea you have and hubspot will fill in the blanks for you. What is a tool meant towards bloggers is great for content creators of all types.

Portent’s Title Creator

Much like Hubspot Topic Generator here is a tool to find a possible viral title to your content. Some creators just need a title to work off of and Portent does the job perfectly. Type in a topic you want to cover and boom title galore. This tool is great to find a starting point on what kind of content to create.

What’s Trending

Finally, a website dedicated to what is trending. This site compiles all hot topics across the internet and even shows what is hot in real-time. They even predict what topics will be trending in the near future.

Twitter Trending

A simple and most effective way of finding trending topics is already built within your favorite social platforms. Twitter lets you see trending topics in two ways. The first is Twitter Moments. Moments shows the most important stories on twitter in that moment along with some tweets on those moments. The second way is by simply having an active twitter account. Your feed will be customized by the people you follow and your very own tweets. This allows to organize your feed by either the latest tweets or what is trending


Of course no topic on finding trends would be complete without a mention to reddit. Some of the worlds most viral content was posted on Reddit before anywhere else. Many of the top creators use this platform to build their content off of. Take some time and browse through the different sub forums as you never know what you’ll find.

Youtube Trending

Youtube trending is a great way to see what new hot videos are. These are the videos everyone is watching according to Youtube. A great page to keep in mind if your forte is creating videos. Find a video in your niche and try to build off of it. There are hundreds of people who re-create the same subject video with there own twist on it.

Follower Wonk

It is always a great idea to find new influencers in your niche. Follower Wonk allows you to find new influencers as well as keep track of ones you already follow. Simply search a subject in the bios and start keeping track of people who already have the insider on trending subjects.

We hope you loved our How To Find The Latest Trends tool list. Feel free to comment with tools that are in your arsenal.

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