Everywhere you go on the internet and even in real life there are people that have nothing to say but rude, off-topic, or annoying comments. Their goal is to make you angry. There is only one way to Deal With Trolls And Toxic People and that is to just stop caring. Of course, this is easier said then done, these tips will most definitely help you fend off the trolls!

When you are building your community there WILL be trolls that want to get the best of you. There is just no going around that. Oh wait you don’t know how to build your own community yet?!? Then be sure to check out How To Build Your Own Live Streaming Community

What Is Trolling?

Believe it or not Trolling is a fishing statement. It is a technique where you cast out your bait to catch fish. When you think about it, that is what people do when they are being a troll. They say something that they know will make you mad only to reel you in for their own happiness.

Trolling isn’t prejudice. Everyone is an acceptable target for those people with toxic intentions. Some of us have thick skin and don’t mind what someone else says about us whilst most others are a bit more sensitive to it. As a content creator we are always a target for people who fall under the troll or toxic category. It comes with the terroritory.

Here are some tips to help aid you in your fights against them…

Don’t Waste Your Energy

The world is full of psychos but there are plenty of amazing people out there. There is no reason to waste your time or energy with trolls. The time you waste on these people trying to bring you down could be spent on having actual conversations with people whom matter to you.

Adding Fuel To The Fire

Every trolls goal is to make you as mad as possible. By responding to their one or two comments will allow them to walk straight into that door and into your mind. As hard as it may be it is in your best bet to just ignore the comments being made.

Thy Ban Hammer Is Swift And Mighty

Much like the last two tips this one goes hand in hand. Don’t give a troll the chance to step into the back of your mind like a ninja with their words. Having great mods in your stream is a plus as they can ban them without you ever noticing. Remember it is okay to keep your ban hammer at your side when someone starts crossing the line. Your community will thank you.

It’s Nothing Personal

The whole reason why toxic people and trolls attack you is because they are bored with their lives. It’s nothing personal towards you as person. Trolls will lash out and have absolutely no reasoning for saying the words they say. Don’t take what people say online to heart. You will notice the arguments presented by a troll is that they are right and everyone else is wrong.

Kill Them With Kindness

If you ever get sucked into a toxic vortex there are ways to avoid or dissolve the situation. You can kill them with kindness, this is called cognitive therapy. Sometimes ignoring is not the way to go and Shlomi Fish has explained how you can best use your kindness to avoid or destroy a troll here.

Knowing How To Deal With Trolls And Toxic People can take some time to get use to. It is all about not caring what they say and moving on with your life. Don’t let someones negativity bring you down especially during a live stream.

What are some of your tips to dwart a troll? Have any funny stories about how you put an end to someones career as a troll?