The backbone to every successful streamer is their community. It doesn’t matter if you stream music, video games, art, or IRL. Knowing How To Build Your Own Live Streaming Community is very important for success in the streaming world.

To begin you will need to keep an open mind and be ready to accept all that comes with community. Some of this contains what most consider trolls or haters. We all have them sooner or later and you need to know how to deal with them properly without hurting your community or your brand! Check out How To Deal With Trolls And Toxic People Here.

Stay Positive

Depending on how long you have been streaming we are sure you have herd everyone say to have a positive attitude. We live in a small world and the world of livestreaming is even smaller. Sometimes you have to bite your tongue and stay positive. Take the high road if someone is trying to bring you or people around you down.

Having a positive attitude is infectious in a good way. You being happy go lucky will spread to those around you and make them feel more at home within your community. Even on days when there are problems it is good to put those problems to the side and stay positive for others. People like a strong figure!

Support Other Streamers

Showing support to other streamers and their communities is beneficial for both your stream and your community. We are not saying hop in someones community and just spam that your live everyday. That’s not showing support. Ask questions and participate in others streams and in their discord. Sooner more then later people from other communities will check out your stream and community.

Don’t forget Twitch has a hosting feature. Whether you just use /host <name> in chat or add someone to your auto-host list it will help you in the long run create connections with other streamers. This is a great way to show support. Having others on your auto host list will host their stream on your page when your offline.

Interact With Your Chat

Now although everyone will tell you to talk with your chat you may not be interacting with them. Take interest in as many people as you can that come by your stream. Get to know who they are and what they may have going on in life. Taking a interest in your viewers will not just keep them coming back to the stream but make them loyal to your community.

Most of us streamers have whats called lurkers. Do not and we repeat DO NOT call them out for not chatting. Let them drop in chat when they feel like it. As in real life pressuring people is wrong on many levels. Anyone who isn’t chatting more then likely doesn’t want to be called out. This goes back to staying positive. Accept the fact that they are just lurking and appreciate it.

Get A Home For Your Community

Build Your Own Live Streaming Community

Every community needs a foundation of communication. This being said you need a house for that foundation and that house can be Discord, A facebook group, or whatever suits your needs. We highly recommend using Discord as almost anyone you meet through your stream will have discord installed. Discord is a must in the gaming scene, hands down.

As a streamer we are already trying to stay active on social media, keep up with our scheduled streams, etc. So be sure to have admins/moderators within your server. This will be your home for your community. It allows your community to not just further talk with you but also grow a lasting relationship with others.

One of the many perks of having a discord server for your stream is being able to sync your subs with your server. Allowing access to private channels that the general public can not see.

Your Schedule Is Important

Feels like this is one tip that is repeated throughout all live streaming platforms. It is repeated because it is the most important. In the beginning this may seem like it doesn’t matter much, but before you know it you will have people ready and waiting for your stream to start without having touched that start stream button.

Do NOT stream every single day and say you are on that “grind”. You are not grinding nothing here. A good stream schedule allows 2 or 3 days of break team within the week. Having that break time allows you to refresh yourself and provide better content for your viewers. If you are unable to make it on schedule to a stream use social media to let your viewers know such as Twitter.

The whole reason having a schedule is important is because people will sooner or later look forward to watching you. They need to know exactly when you are going live. We have actually seen some viewers move their personal life around just to watch a stream!

Keep An Open Mind And Have Fun

It’s easy to get into a toxic state of mind. It is your job as a streamer to have fun with your community. Again relating to staying positive. Keep your community involved in your streams whether it’s hopping in voice chat or playing games with each other. If you are having fun, your viewers will most definitely have fun.

Keep an open mind with your viewers. Not everyone thinks the same way or has the same outlook on certain subjects. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with a persons outlook or they agree with you. When a viewer disagrees with you on any subject just accept that they don’t see things the same way as you. Basically what we are saying here is to have a sense of humor and don’t be too uptight about everything!

These are just some of the main things to keep in mind when you are trying to Build Your Own Live Streaming Community. You are nothing without your viewers, never forget this.

What are some things you learned about building a community?

Build Your Own Live Streaming Community