Code Of Conduct

The Code Of Conduct is Zexie’s essential policies.

All of our staff is committed to upholding the highest standards in the business.


Zexie Code Of Conduct, 2019 (PDF, 900kb)

What The COC Means

Our code of conduct is the foundation of Zexie. The code allows a safe and fair workplace for everyone within Zexie based on compliance and leadership ethics.

We at Zexie encourage everyone to speak up and look for guidance when needed. Everyones voice matters at Zexie. This is key to minimalize violations and/or risk deviation from the guidelines set within the Code Of Conduct.

Who The COC Is For

The code of conduct applies to everyone within the Zexie staff. This includes all immediate managers, teams, and partnerships within the community.

We expect partnerships and sub-contractors of Zexie to uphold the same level principles. Every subsidiary and joint ventures that Zexie controls must adopt the code of conduct.

Message From The Founders



Designer, Content Creator, Founder

Our Mission with Zexie is to provide a safe and constructive place for gamers of all backgrounds. We strive to raise the bar within the gaming genre. Whether you create content or just love gaming, Zexie has something for you. Makes us proud at Zexie to see people working together as one. A dying trait that is being lost not only within the gaming genre but in society as a whole.

The members of Zexie have changed our lives and will continue on doing so. This is what we are about, making connections broader than ever before and bringing people together under one house to let them flourish as their own with the tools given. We started as nothing more than a seedling and have grown together beyond belief.

We, the Founders, would like to thank each and every one of you for being the person you are. Much like a Zebra and its zeal we are all unique. Not one of us has the same stripes as the next person. In order to grow and flourish we need each other no matter how different we are.





Community Director, Designer, Founder

Everyone, no matter what gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or disability has the right to play games, criticize games and produce content without getting harassed or threatened this includes players, streamers and each proud member of the Zexie community. We don’t see you as merely eyeballs behind a screen — we see you as a part of who we are because let’s face it, your passion is what inspired us to bring Zexie Gaming to life.

We celebrate the unique passions of the Zexie Gaming Community everyday and we want you to help shape the identity of the community with you’re new ideas and willingness to show support for other members of Zexie.  So If you are willing to take a trip through the gaming scene with us,  you will be rewarded with some of the greatest memories of your life and take part in the future of what it means to be  Zexie Gaming.


Stay Zexie my friends & Get Sum!!




Legal Advisor, Content Creator, Founder

As we see it, every gaming team is a family, every gaming community is a home. It takes many families and many homes to build a neighborhood. Our ambitions as fellow gamers are to level up, to “embrace the grind” and in consequence master the game. This is why many others and myself have aimed to bring some order to this chaos by laying out a road map for others to follow.  This will help maintain the foundation of our homes and strengthen the bonds within our family’s.

This Ambition, this vision, this aim is and will only be possible with yourself, your fellow gamers, and my willing participation in adopting the oath and creed created by gamers for gamers. It will take time, dedication, honorable competition, creative thinking, and steadfastness to succeed and overcome the disputes and disagreements that bind and separate us.

Through Content Creation, community relationships; and dare I say a gamers constitution, we can together steer the industry in the correct direction and keep the industry alive for ourselves and our children. Linked together by passion, undividable by nature.

All for the gamer, and the for love of the game. L.I.N.K.  Loyalty, Integrity, Necessity, and Knowledge