What Is Affiliate Grinders HQ?

Here is where we begin to coach you all to help push you over your mark. We want to help as many as fast as possible, but it helps to see who is looking for more and are wiling to take the steps necessary for success.

Our Aim is to train you on how to network and in consequence earn you that bitty button by the law of karma. Here we will give you some quick tips on getting started towards affiliation. For a more in-depth look at the best way to get affiliate we provide one-on-one coaching. You have goals and we want you to reach them as quickly as possible!

We hope that you will consider helping by helping the next person on the AGQ list. We have a First come First Serve and most active, most attractive rule set when it comes the queue list to limit favoritism.

Your new to streaming and are dying for that Sub button! You want affiliate and we can help. Before jumping into things our coaches have a one on one conversation with you. 

We want to know what your goals are, what you are having problems with and how we can work on them together. 

You need a reasoning behind getting affiliated and we help find that reason. Step-by-step we explain the process that goes into getting affiliated on twitch.

Step one is the most crucial part. Find your cause behind streaming and reviewing your stream for custom tips on improvements. 

Now comes the hard part of affiliate grinders. After reviewing your stream we setup a personal game plan on hitting your goal. 

With Affiliate Grinder you are given some insider tricks to growing. Along with that we teach you how to properly network. Zexie has your back every step of the way in this.

Along with teaching you the fundamentals of streaming we also help you grow with being featured on multiple sources (our website, discord and 3 other communities built around Zexie). Team work is key for this part as a lot of Zexie members will raid, host, and hangout with you. 

Finally the fun part of Affiliate Grinders. Once The Action is implemented you will have affiliate on twitch. Gawking at that beautiful subscription button and having the world throw copper at you (bits… 1 bit = 1 cent). 

Don’t think you are dropped after hitting affiliate, oh no. We stick with you and support you as much as possible. Once your in Zexie you are family!

We do hope upon learning what we teach and pushing you to affiliate that you will do the same for others within the community. You get help and in return are expected to help others! Knowledge is a very powerful weapon that everyone should be equipped with.

Recent Affiliate Grinder Participants

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Apply To Affiliate Grinders

You will be contacted in the order recieved. First Come, First Serve Priority!
Feel free to add any other comments about your stream such as your content type and/or goals you would like to hit.