What We Offer

Looking to get your content and/or product more exposure? Zexie has what you need for success in your business. Our website alone gains 100+ hits weekly and we are growing fast! There is only one way to get your hands in on those possible customers or fans. Thats with Zexie Advertising!

We want to share this traffic with you!  If you need an extra boost then your on the right page.

Ads We Offer:

  • 160×130 Banner (Front Page)
  • 900×150 Banner Featured (Front Page)
  • Footer Ad (Entire Website)
  • Weekly custom Tweets
  • Weekly custom Discord announcements
  • 250×250 Ad during Live Zexie streams


We are working on many different projects that will allow for more ad placements. Please bare with us at the moment! Above are the current ads we can serve.


All Packages Reaccuring Monthly

$5 Basic 

  • 2 Front Page Advertisement
  • 160×130 Banner
  • 900×150 Banner

$15 Silver

  • 2 front page Advertisement
  • 2 weekly custom Tweets

$25 Gold

  • 2 Front Page Advertisement
  • 1 Footer Advertisement
  • 2 Weekly Custom Tweets
  • 1 Weekly Discord Announcement

$50 Basic Streamer Package

  • Everything in Gold package
  • Rotating Ad live on two (2) Zexie Stream team channels

$75 Upgrade Streamer Package

  • Everything in Gold Package
  • Rotating Ad live on four (4) Zexie Stream team channels
  • +1 Custom tweets per week on stream teams twitter pages