Welcome To Zexie


Your daily dose of fun is finally here. We started as 3 streamers who were tired of dead communities. Too many times do leaders give up or don’t dedicate hard work to create their community. After running countless of other peoples communities we decided it was time to create a place everyone can call home. This was the beginning of Zexie.

We are an organization built around the idea of helping everyone. Our community is a safe haven for people of all backgrounds.

What is with this Zebra logo?

During our rebrand we saw that we are not just a group of gamers. We are a family and everyone brings a unique set of skills to the table. Much like a pack of Zebras, everyone relies on each other here in Zexie.

Every zebra is different, no one zebra is born with the same set of stripes. This is what makes them unique to their pack. A lonely zebra can not survive, they NEED their pack in order to prosper and grow healthily.

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The Zexie Experience(T.Z.E.) Airs Live Now !

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