For those who are new to it, streaming can be a hefty load to take on. Much like DJ Khaled, who has his keys to success, so do we! If you have a passion for gaming yet your streaming career just is not taking off, then you may be in need of these 10 Keys To A Successful Stream.

Anyone can be successful in the streaming business with the right mindset and know how. It’s all about knowing the steps and using the keys you hold to open the doors to success so you can walk though the threshold! Take the keys below into consideration before giving up.

As my wife says, “No existe gran talento sin gran voluntad.”
Translation: There is not great talent without great will.

Quality Or Content?

There is a fine line between content over quality, quality is everything. Whether it is quality of production, quality of character, quality of game-play, or quality of game-skill. You need to always strive to improve.

Success within the streaming world not only relies on having a great personality or amazing skill, you must be able to stream at minimum with 720p quality and aim higher. If it is anything less then this your viewers will not stick around long. Staring at a blurry or slightly pixelated screen takes a toll on ones eyes after a while.

Play Whatever You Want!

You will often hear people say to not play over saturated games such as Fortnite, Apex, or CS: GO. This theory for a successful stream is plainly a myth. We get it if you are streaming Apex with 0 viewers you are at the bottom of the browse list. That doesn’t mean you can’t grow with playing the game.

Play the games you have the most fun with. Your viewers will thank you for playing something you love instead of forcing yourself to play something you hate. Being a streamer who games is all about your entertainment value.

If your not a professional e-sports player it can be a hard task to grow in this games that everyone and their mothers are playing. The trick to growing off of this is to make you, your stream, and your community unique from any others. Something else to take into consideration while playing these “saturated” games is to upload content off of your streaming platform. Having an active Youtube channel can help you grow insanely quick!

Look Mom, I’m A Star!

Being a streamer means you will be stepping into Hollywood in one way shape or form. Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube have become their own entertainment network and are racing to take their place next to the television networks of old. Millions of people are watching daily, and are tuning in to these network channels just as they would have rushed to the movie theaters, or ordered their paper-view programs. Get ready for the storm and prepare yourself!

People will judge you, put you down, people will support you, and some people will bring you up. The waves of emotions can become overwhelming if you do not prepare yourself mentally and have the ability to tune out in a sense. It is a known fact that many of the top content creators have lost touched with reality. Their lives are lived as if they are always on screen. Knowing this YOU must be ready to counter a life like that.

Always be humble and you will get far. The viewers will treat you as if you are a star if you remain appreciative of their contributions to your success. Do not forget your roots! Remember the hurdles jumped, obstacles crossed, people whom supported you, always remember how and where it all began right down to your first bit.

She’s Dying Captain…

If you feel your stream is slowing down do not worry! Take a break and attempt to look outside of the box. Try to pinpoint why people are leaving. Being unique is key to streaming as a lot of games are over populated with streamers who just sit n stare at their screen.

Never be afraid to be different, even if it means some minor negativity from a viewer or two. Always try new things on your stream. Whether it’s a new game you have never played or a new haircut! Even the smallest change can make a huge difference.

Every streamer goes through the “What am I doing wrong?” phase. It’s okay, this happens to all streamers at some point and you need to attempt too remove the doubt in yourself by reaching into your creative side and switch it up. To really kick yourself out of this phase attempt to gain access to a community with like minded people to reinforce your ambitions. Whether it is someone to simply brainstorm or co-stream with.

Often it is just a matter of making it to the next holiday or special event on your calendar to break the funk. Over confidence and a blown ego can dry up a stream as well, be sure to keep the mindset that “there is always room for improvement” to leave room to grow.

No Talky Talky, No follow

Viewer engagement is very important and you must learn when, how, and when not to interact with your audience. If you see someone lurking or a new viewer pop in for even a split second attempt to make a connection and welcome them to your stream. Remember to thank your viewers often as courtesy, generosity, and gratitude can become contagious.

If it wasn’t for that one too twenty viewers in your stream you would be streaming for no one. To many interactions can come across as overbearing for some viewers so finding a balance is key! Viewer engagement is what brings back those random viewers back for a second or even third stream and may cause you to gain a fan, a friend, or even possibly few bucks in the bank.

Always stay humble! Remember without your fans, friends, family, lurkers, and viewers you would undeniably fail in the streaming game.

Pft, This Is Going To Be Easy

One of the assumptions that many make is that streaming is an easy job. Some even think it could be a “get rich quick” scheme.

First and foremost, you will hear from a lot of sources to not stream unless you love it, this statement is true. Once you have a following and you start building your brand everything can get hectic. You will start to notice being a content creator is not as easy as it seems. Why is this? Because it’s not! You must be dedicated and consistent.

Once your average viewer base stays at around twenty or more you most absolutely will find yourself playing games or doing things you now find boring or annoying. Don’t worry it happens to all the big streamers. This is when you must re-think your brand and ask yourself a few important questions, Am I now doing this for ONLY fun? Has this become a career? Do I really want to do this?

Practice, Practice, and More Practice

Ever heard of the phrase “Practice makes perfect?”

10 Keys To A Successful Stream

When you first start your journey to success you may have one too five viewers in your stream, maybe less. these viewers are most likely bots, do not get discouraged this time is invaluable. You could and should use this time wisely to practice your speech, promotion delivery, catch phrase, and other features you wish to test or include in your content. Whether it is testing a new bot command, testing new equipment, attempting a new alert, or toying with a new channel theme; this is the time where you can fine tune your process.

The first ten seconds of someone’s attention can be the most crucial moments for snagging a return viewer, and is often a deciding factor of whether or not they will choose stay around for awhile. Talking to yourself may feel uncomfortable at first, in time you will start to notice improvements in your interactions with your viewers and your self confidence will grow as a consequence due to timed honored practice.

Is It Time Yet?!

Consistency is one of the most valuable keys to success ever! Much like a job would expect you to stay on schedule, your fans, new fans, and potential random viewers will expect it as well.

In the beginning when you are testing out the waters, it is fine to be inconsistent with your stream schedule. After a while people will be more attentive of when you are live and if you have a set schedule you are expected to stick to it.

Just imagine how some people get when they miss an episode of their favorite television show because of an “event” that interrupts the broadcast. You just may and should strive to become apart of someones monthly, weekly, or daily routine. Some stream daily, while others may stream 2-3 times a week. Whatever works for you is what will work for your viewers as soon as they memorize your schedule, as long as they have a time set everyone will be happy.

Having a schedule not only makes you look more like a serious streamer, it also helps you to control yourself and protect against overworking or burn out.

Don’t Look At Me

Having a webcam or an overlay is by no means is a must have, but we highly recommend sooner or later investing in at least a Logitech c920 or better.

Creating a following will not be easy without a webcam and fancy graphics. Most of the time it’s not easy with it. So what are we trying to say here? Let’s say your a very charismatic person and have a voice of an angel. This will only get you so far. Sooner or later people will want a face to match the voice. Why not start off with a camera?

You must at some point become comfortable being on camera, so the sooner you decided to take this step the faster you can gain some confidence with being in the spotlight. Overlays and fancy graphics are not essential to success, but will help you a lot as it makes you and your content look more professional.

Never Gonna Give You Up, Never Gonna Let You Down

Never give up is one of the most important keys to success. Giving up will only make you feel defeated. You must realize that when people say “The sky is the limit”, it is not true, you can go higher I promise.

It is all about having will power to do so. No view streams can be demoralizing but you must keep grinding those long hours, in the long run you will be thanking yourself that you did. Streaming is not for everyone and for those who try and quit, RIP. Quitting will never get you far, but pushing yourself will make you rise higher then you have ever expected.


There it is folks! Our 10 Keys To A Successful Stream. We hope this has been helpful for at least One person. By all means please comment below with your tip for others to see so we can all improve.

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