With our 75+ years of combined gaming experience we have much to offer you. Whether your looking for a gaming partner, stream help, networking partners, a good community, Zexie is the home for you. We have many community events which include monthly contests, free game drops, and coaching from some of the industry’s finest gamers.

We are proud supporters of the Gamers Oath, MyGamingCareer, and MLG.  With your added help we will be able to bring so much more to the gaming Industry
Stay Zexie My Friends!
Friendly Community

Zexie provides a safe and healthy environment for people of all ages and backgrounds. Everyone has a voice and it matters here in Zexie.

Creator Help

You have a goal and we want to help! Zexie can provide a custom outline for you to reach your goals. We also have many content creators from different platforms that are willing to teach.

Professional Coaching

Zexie Gaming supports gamers of all skill levels. Quarterly tournaments are held both in-house and publicly with cash prizes. All tournaments are community voted before hand. Your voice matters here!


Everyone loves a good sponsor. Zexie has the tools to show you the way. With coaching from Zexie you will be on the right path to gaining some of the leading partnerships available for content creators. Remember though, Rome was not built over night!


As a way of saying thank you to all of the amazing members Zexie holds multiple giveaways as well as contests. Anyone is allowed to enter. Prizes range from cash, gift cards, gaming gear, etc. 

Our Mission

We strive to create a friendly place for people of all backgrounds. Whether your a casual gamer, into E-sports, or a content creator we help promote and create connections with everyone. Being a part of Zexie means your family and we value each and everyone of our organizations members.
Zexie promotes healthy lifestyles, networking, and a safe place for everyone to feel at home.


Member Of The Month

Member of the month award is community nominated and voted on each month. The winner will be showcased here as well as recieve a prize upon winning! If you would like to nominate someone click Nominate.

Building Roads To Success

So your a content creator, huh? Zexie Gaming is all about helping others connect and grow! If you would like some help reaching your goals or just need some tips/tricks view our blog and join the discord. We have an amazing community filled with veteran creators of all types.

Can you beat the 3x winning Champs of Friday Night Fights 2v2 gunfight on Twitch? Sign up today on @Battlefy and shows us what you got!

The Podcast

Every two weeks we have a show covering some of the hottest topics running through the internet! Hosted by the Zexie Stream team along with interviews, guest hosts, and giveaways. Don’t lose tract of the world and get into The Zexie Experience!

Featured Creators

Click one of the streamers to view their stream!

What Gear Do You Need To Start Streaming

What Gear Do You Need To Start Streaming

Anyone with a decent gaming pc or console can be a streamer. Becoming a successful streamer is so much more then your gear. Yet, having the right gear is the first stepping stone to stardom. We will be taking a look at the minimum and cheapest pc builds to give you an...

How To Deal With Trolls And Toxic People

How To Deal With Trolls And Toxic People

Everywhere you go on the internet and even in real life there are people that have nothing to say but rude, off-topic, or annoying comments. Their goal is to make you angry. There is only one way to Deal With Trolls And Toxic People and that is to just stop caring. Of...

How To Build Your Own Live Streaming Community

How To Build Your Own Live Streaming Community

The backbone to every successful streamer is their community. It doesn't matter if you stream music, video games, art, or IRL. Knowing How To Build Your Own Live Streaming Community is very important for success in the streaming world. To begin you will need to keep...

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